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An important message from : North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Healthy Opportunities Listserv

Hello all,

Welcome to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Healthy Opportunities Listserv—we’re so glad you’re here.

As you know, DHHS wants all North Carolinians to have the Opportunity for Health and is committed to creating an innovative, whole-person centered, and well-coordinated system of care that addresses the medical and non-medical drivers of health. Promoting “healthy opportunities,” or addressing North Carolinians’ social needs, is a core focus of DHHS’s mission. We are pursuing a range of strategies to help meet this mission, including creating an interactive, statewide map of social determinant of health indicators to guide community investment, developing a standard set of screening questions for social needs, and fostering private-public partnerships to deploy NCCARE360, a statewide coordinated network and resource platform to connect individuals in need with community resources.

Promoting healthy opportunities is a cornerstone of North Carolina’s Medicaid transformation as well. All of North Carolina’s Medicaid managed care plans—known as Prepaid Health Plans (PHPs)—will have a role in addressing the medical and non-medical factors that drive health outcomes and costs. For example, PHPs will screen enrollees for their non-medical needs and work with members to connect them to community resources.

Moreover, North Carolina will launch the “Healthy Opportunities Pilots” in two to four geographic areas of the State in late 2019. The Pilots are an unprecedented opportunity to test and evaluate the impact of providing select evidence-based, non-medical interventions to high-need Medicaid enrollees. Approved as part of North Carolina’s 1115 demonstration waiver, the federal government authorized up to $650 million in state and federal funding for the Pilots over the five-year life of the waiver to cover the cost of approved services in the State’s four priority Healthy Opportunities domains: housing, food, transportation and interpersonal safety. We’re excited to share with you soon a Healthy Opportunities Pilot “Policy Paper” and “Request for Information” (RFI). The paper describes the preliminary program design for the Pilots and the RFI provides all interested stakeholders the opportunity to offer feedback on this design. We welcome your partnership in this effort and encourage you to respond.  

More can be found about all of these initiatives on the DHHS Healthy Opportunities website. Additionally, we’ll be using this listserv to share updates on Healthy Opportunities—including information on recent publications, upcoming events and webinars and the release of the Pilot RFI and Policy Paper. We look forward to broadening the Healthy Opportunities community, so if you know someone who would like to receive these updates, have them e-mail healthyopportunities@dhhs.nc.gov, and we’ll add them to the list.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Thanks very much,

The Healthy Opportunities Team

Help with substance USE or Mental Health Disorders

Do you or a PT colleague you know struggle with a substance use or mental health disorder? –The NC Board of PT Examiners encourages you to seek help!

Substance Use Disorders: The Board contracts with the NC Board of Nursing (NCBON) to allow qualified PT licensees to participate in the Nursing Board’s Substance Use Disorder Programs (Alternative - to - discipline program) Each program has objectives which may include the following:

  • Ensure the health and safety of the public by closely monitoring licensees impaired by drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Achieve earlier intervention with intent to decrease the time between the licensee’s acknowledgement of chemical dependency and entry into the recovery process.
  • Return the licensee to safe and effective practice in a more efficient manner while minimizing financial impact.
  • Provide an opportunity for licensees to recover from impairment in a therapeutic, non-punitive and non-published process.
  • To ensure the health, safety and welfare of the public through a program that closely monitors licensees impaired by drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Provide a process for licensees to recover from impairment and become safe practitioners.

Contact: NC Board of Nursing: www.ncbon.com
Or contact your primary care provider for treatment or appropriate referral.

Mental Health disorders: If you struggle with a mental health issue, please contact your health care provider for treatment or who can refer you to appropriate resources in your area.

Want more information? Contact Kathy Arney, Executive Director, NCBPTE – karney@ncptboard.org or call 919-490-6393 or 800-800-8982.

Posted 09-19-18

HURRICANE Florence Opioid Treatment Program Announcement

Sending on behalf of Dr. Betsey Tilson:

Dear Society and Hospital Partners:

We are writing to provide updates with regard to maintaining continuity of care for patients impacted by Hurricane Florence who are receiving medication at an Opioid Treatment Program (OTP).  Prior to the hurricane, the Department advised OTPs to offer 4-6 days’ worth of take-home doses.  As the storm passes, we are working to actively monitor operating status of OTPs and support them in re-opening as soon as possible.  In spite of these preparation efforts, we know some patients will need support in connecting to care.  This email aims to provide clarity about how you can help connect patients to care:

We have provided guidance to OTPs to offer guest dosing for any OTP patient that presents.  Individuals can access location and contact information for OTPs here: https://thecentralregistry.com

If an OTP patient seeks medication-assisted treatment at an emergency department, then the hospital staff can use the attached spreadsheet to contact the OTP for assistance with coordination.  NOTE:  This spreadsheet contains personal contact information of OTP staff, please don’t distribute inappropriately.  Also note that under the NC OTP tab there are 4 sites closed tomorrow September 18, 2018.  All 4 sites have either provided take home doses or arranged for patient dosing at an alternative site

For additional assistance, do not hesitate to contact the State Opioid Treatment Authority (SOTA) office:

Smith Worth, smith.worth@dhhs.nc.gov or call 919-733-4670 or 919-594-3904

Best Regards,


Elizabeth Cuervo Tilson, MD, MPH
State Health Director
Chief Medical Officer
Office of the Secretary
NC Department of Health and Human Services

Office: 919-855-4800
Fax: 919-715-4645

101 Blair Drive, Adams Building
2001 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699

Hurricane Florence Announcement

To our association stakeholders,

As North Carolinians and bordering states recover from Hurricane Florence, we are requesting that you help us get the word out that the NC HealthConnex team built emergent connections to neighboring and regional HIEs via the eHealth Exchange for the care of patients displaced by the storm.

The NC HealthConnex team opened the gateway for bidirectional query and exchange of patient records via the national eHealth Exchange to:

  • Coastal Connect HIE (Wilmington)
  • ETHIN (East Tennessee)
  • GaHIN (Atlanta)
  • GRAChiE (Augusta, Ga.)
  • MedVirginia (Richmond, Va.)
  • SCHIEX (South Carolina)
  • VA HIE (Veterans Administration)

With the storm forcing patients to seek care outside of their communities, health care providers in their organization may have a need to utilize the clinical portal to look up patient health information. Many of your members should have a Participation Agreement with the North Carolina Health Information Exchange Authority; however, if they do not, they are able to sign a Full Participation Agreement located on our website.  Participant Account Administrators will need to provide portal credentials to these users.

Existing participants can direct questions regarding portal access to the NC HealthConnex SAS Support Desk at HIESupport@sas.com.

New participants may direct questions to our outreach team at hiea@nc.gov or (919) 754-6912.

 Additionally, we encourage your members to download the ReadyNC app to your smartphone as it provides details on where shelters are open, road closures and evacuation routes, and other essential information. ReadyNC also may be accessed at https://readync.org/EN/Index.html.



The NC HealthConnex Team

Jessica Brehmer
Business Development and Outreach Specialist
Health Information Exchange Authority (HIEA)
North Carolina Department of Information Technology

Physical Address:                        Mailing Address:             

109 E North Street                      Mail Service Center 4101
Raleigh, NC 27601                       Raleigh, NC 27699-4101
P 919-754-6846 
C 919-618-4548                               

NCHIEA News Release

We've moved!
The NCBPTE office is now:

North Carolina Board of Physical Therapy Examiners
8300 Health Park
Suite 233
Raleigh, NC 27615

The phone, fax and website remain the same:
Phone: (919)490-6393 ;(800)800-8982
Fax: (919)490-5106
Web address: https://www.ncptboard.org
Social Media Abuse
WARNING!! The Board has been advised that false and misleading information regarding discipline allegedly imposed on a recent licensee was posted on social media by a classmate. Defaming a licensee on social media is not professional or ethical, and could be grounds for disciplinary action. Anyone who becomes aware of the intentional dissemination of false and misleading information regarding a physical therapist's licensure status or disciplinary record should immediately report that information to the Board.
Important Notice from Rules Review Commission Meeting on Jan 15, 2015 - Click here
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