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Social Media Abuse
WARNING!! The Board has been advised that false and misleading information regarding discipline allegedly imposed on a recent licensee was posted on social media by a classmate. Defaming a licensee on social media is not professional or ethical, and could be grounds for disciplinary action. Anyone who becomes aware of the intentional dissemination of false and misleading information regarding a physical therapist's licensure status or disciplinary record should immediately report that information to the Board.
Joint News Flash from FSBPT & the PT Compact Commission

September 13, 2017

Click here to read information about the upcoming meeting of the Physical Therapy Compact Commission. The meeting will occur in Santa Ana Pueblo, NM, the Sunday morning after the completion of the 2017 FSBPT Annual Meeting and Delegate Assembly. The news release provides additional information for individuals interested in attending the first in-person meeting of the PT Compact Commission.

Important Official Notice: 

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Important Notice from Rules Review Commission Meeting on Jan 15, 2015 - Click here
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