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Continuing Competence Reporting and License Renewals

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Continuing Competence Requirements for License Renewal
Reporting and Renewal Information for Licensees
Updated 08-17-2016


The North Carolina Physical Therapy Practice Act requires that continuing competence activities be completed for license renewal.  Continuing Competence is defined by NCBPTE rule as a “…licensee’s ongoing activities to augment knowledge, skills, behaviors and abilities related to the practice of physical therapy.”  Continuing education is one means of earning points however continuing competence encompasses a broad range of activities.  Further descriptions for activities that meet the Board requirements for earning continuing competence points are found in the Board’s rules for Continuing Competence

Detailed information can be found on the Board website, www.ncptboard.org, under the Continuing Competence links.  It is the responsibility of the licensee to read, understand and comply with the requirements.  Summary information answering commonly asked questions can be found below:

Reporting periods and Renewal period defined:

Category Frequency Time Period

License renewal


By January 31

Continuing Competence Reporting Periods
30 points PT/20 points PTA

25 months

January 1 through January 31

(example: January 1, 2017 through January 31, 2019)

What is my Continuing Competence Reporting Period?

NEW PT licensees in NC are assigned to the continuing competence reporting period that begins on January 1 following the date of first licensure. .  Each PT licensee must accumulate 30 points and each PTA licensee must accumulate 20 points of continuing competence activities during the assigned reporting period to be eligible for license renewal.  The points must include one mandatory point from a Jurisprudence Exercise. 

For example, if you were first licensed after February 1, 2016, your continuing competence reporting period begins January 1, 2017 and ends January 31, 2019.   There is a 25 month period to complete the continuing competence requirement.  License renewal is EVERY year.

Your reporting period is found either in the letter you received when you were first licensed or by logging in to the online continuing competence report on the Board's website.  Reporting periods are added to the online report as soon as possible after January 1.  If you have questions about reporting periods for continuing competence, send an email inquiry to: dragan@ncptboard.org

How do I log in anywhere on the website?

Instructions are at the top of any page where a licensee is required to log in.  If you are logging in for the first time, you will use the default log in and password.  You may change your password at anytime using the "I forgot my password"  link.  To reset a User ID or Password,  a valid email address needs to be on file with the Board office.  To check the email address on file go to: www.ncptboard.org, Online Services, "Licensee Change of Address".   

How do I access my Continuing Competence Report?

Reporting should be completed online at www.ncptboard.org, Continuing Competence Reporting (RED BUTTON).  Clicking this button on the website homepage or under the continuing competence links will reveal a page to access the online report specific to each licensee.  This is a web-based report and is accessible 24/7 once your reporting period is open.  After logging in, use the directions on each page to direct entering of activities into the report.

Continuing Competence Sample Button

How do I earn points for continuing competence activities?

Points may be earned in ways described in Rule .0109 of the Continuing Competence Rules found on the website under Continuing Competence, link Rules and Chart described above. There are suggestions and information under Resources, FAQ’s and other continuing competence links on the website. 

When and how do I Renew my license the first time?

License renewal is online at the Board website, www.ncptboard.org from November 1 going through January 31 at midnight.  Renewal is accessed through a button on the home page.  (see example button below) For your first renewal there is NO continuing competence report required.  Go through each screen, provide payment of the renewal fee and print a copy of the renewal card and receipt.  Review it carefully for accuracy.  Be sure to print or save this for future reference. 

Sample Renewal Button

Continuing Competence Reporting for License Renewals

After the first renewal, periodic reporting of continuing competence activities is required.  Go to www.ncptboard.org, Continuing Competence Reporting (RED BUTTON) to enter activities completed.  
*Licensees renewing at the end of their reporting period must complete continuing competence activities no later than January 31.
*Licensees renewing at the mid-point of the reporting period should report continuing competence activities completed during that year, then renew.   



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