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Military Application Forms

Military Application Forms

Attention: If your printer is not graphics capable, the forms may be missing vital information.  If there are any parts of application that are blacked out and/or not readable, please contact our office (919)490-6393 or (800)800-8982 to receive a hard copy of the application.


(A)Instructions for Military Endorsement Applications

  • (B)&(C)Military PT/PTA Endorsement  Application for American Educated


  • (D )&(E )Military PT/PTA Endorsement Application for Foreign Educated



(E) Instructions for Military Exam Applications

  • (F )& (G) Military PT/PTA Exam for Application for American Educated


  • (H)&( I) Military PT/PTA Exam Application for Foreign Educated



(J) Instructions for Military Trained PTA Licensure

  • Military Trained Technician Application for PTA Licensure


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