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Revival by Payment

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You may use this method if you first received your license in NC within the last year and have not completed your first continuing competence reporting period.


  1. Complete the Revival Form.  Click here.
  2. Send $150.00 by check, certified check or money order with the completed application form to the Board.

When your license is revived:

  1. Know your reporting period: You will receive an email with the dates of your reporting period.  If you have any questions please contact the Board immediately. 
  2. Know the Practice Act, Board Rules and Position Statements
  3. Know the Continuing Competence Rules.  Familiarize yourself with the Board rules related to Continuing Competence.  One point of Jurisprudence Exercise is MANDATORY; other points may be earned according to the rules applicable to each particular category. 
  4. Know the NCBPTE Contacts:  If you have further questions or need additional information about reviving a PT or PTA license contact:
  1. General Revival Information: email: angela.licensing@ncptboard.org or call (919) 490-6393 or (800) 800-8982
  2. Revival with Continuing Competence:  dragan@ncptboard.org or call (919) 490-6393 or (800) 800-8982
  3. Board Address:
    1. North Carolina Board of Physical Therapy Examiners
      8300 Health Park
      Suite 233
      Raleigh, NC 27615
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