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Biographical Information

Ballots are scheduled to be mailed in late July for names to submitted to the Governor for consideration for appointment to the 2018 PT Licensure Board.   As noted on the Ballot, “Biographical information regarding the candidates is available on the Board’s web page”.  For biographical information on individual candidates, click on the following links:

PT Appointments (2 to be appointed)

  1. Billeaud, Emilee
  2. Chapman, Eric
  3. Dunn, Christopher
  4. Edwards, C. David
  5. Hale, Teresa F.
  6. Hunter, Angela B.
  7. Kesler, Leslie P.
  8. Miner, Jamie

PTA Appointment (1 to be appointed)

  1. Glushakow, Ross
  2. Lytle, Eric
  3. Rhone, Pearl
  4. Smith, Eric


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