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Monday, December 6, 2021

It is your responsibility to notify the board in 30 days (Board rule: 21 NCAC 48F. 0105) of any changes in relevant contact information (name, home and/or buisness address, email, phone numbers) to ensure timely receipt of important correspondence related to licensure and physical therapy regulation in North Carolina.

Name Change

  • Name changes cannot be done online.
  • Since name changes must be verified using personal information, send an email to and include: phone number and a specific time that you can be reached. This process will only take a few minutes. You will receive a phone response within 2-3 days.
  • If you are an Exam applicant taking the NPTE, your ID will need to match the information supplied to the testing agency (FSBPT) or you may be denied access to the testing center. Check for additional details.

Email/Address Change

  • Email and/or Address changes can be completed online. Use the login you created when you created your online application or the one you used on your last renewal.
  • If you are an applicant for licensure, we will mail the licensure packet to the address on file when you are licensed.

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